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Delegation Members

Annika Ben-David (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) – Head of Delegation

Ingrid Lomfors (Living History Forum)

Eva Fried (Living History Forum) – Deputy Head of Delegation

Stefan Andersson (Living History Forum) – Education Working Group

Per Bergling (Ministry for Foreign Affairs)

Karin Kvist Geverts (Living History Forum) – Academic Working Group

Anders Nytröm (Ministry for Foreign Affairs)



Remembering Raoul Wallenberg


This week, events have been taking place around the world to commemorate the Swedish diplomat and hero, Raoul Wallenberg. Wallenberg was working as a Swedish diplomat in Nazi-occupied Budapest, and managed to rescue thousands of Jews from deportation to death camps through the distribution of protection documents and by harboring Jews in buildings marked as Swedish territory. He went missing after his arrest by Soviet forces in Hungary on 17 January 1945.

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