Crete: Presentation of The Work of Students From Crete Titled “The History of The Jews Of Heraklion”


The history of the Jews who lived in Heraklion (Crete) was the subject of the work that was carried out in the 2017-18 school year from Section B4 of the 6th General Lyceum of Heraklion within the framework of the "Project" course.

The pupils' work was presented at an event organized by the Hellenic Literary Association of Heraklion on Wednesday, January 23, at 7 pm, at the Social Hall of the Kalokairinos Institutions (Monastery of Agarathou 9), on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Then, the "The Love of Your Memory, The History of Ovadia Barouch", a 45-minute production of the Yad Vashem Foundation in Jerusalem, which is the personal testimony of the Auschwitz survivor, Ovadia Baruch, a Jew from Thessaloniki was presented.

As with all actions hosted in the Social Space, admission wass free of charge. The voluntary contribution to packaged foods and grocery stores to support the activities of the Basic Goods Providing Structures (Social Grocery - "Food with Our Love") by the A. & M. Kalokairinos Foundation, which support individuals and families in financial difficulty and exclusion, is always welcome.

Students presenting the work were the following:. Dragaki Kleri 3rd Lyceum, Lyonas Aris 3rd Lyceum, Delakis Nikos III Lyceum, Fenakis Angelos III Lyceum, Takitzis Irene 3rd Lyceum, Chatzizis Maria III Lyceum, Somerakis Eleni I Lyceum, Strilinga Georgia I Lyceum.