"Musical Memory" - Israeli youth create and perform new pieces of music to the words of the Holocaust


"Musical Memory" is a flagship project of the International School for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel. In order to deepen the connection of young Israeli music students with Holocaust history, under Yad Vashem's auspices, the Youth Ensembles of the Yellow Submarine Music Center have embarked upon an unique creative process wherein they have created new arrangements and songs from Holocaust-era poems and text chosen by Holocaust survivors who have accompanied them throughout this process. A series of these compositions have been performed at the Yellow Submarine concert venue, Jerusalem. www.yellowsubmarine.org.il A gala concert featuring selected works- in the presence of some of the survivors- will be held the evening of International Holocaust Memorial Day in the Safra Auditorium at the International School for Holocaust Studies, Jerusalem

Photo: Musicians and Holocaust Educators rehearsing at the Yellow Submarine for the "Musical Memory" project 2019.