Remembrance Day - Ancona


The regional winners of the Competition ""Young People Remember the Shoah"" are invited to participate and to present the projects to the Regional Council session open to celebrate the ""Day of Memory"". This initiative is part of a broader regional program that is discussed in the ""Regional Table for the Remembrance Day ""and which also includes the Regional School Office. Guests speakers of this edition 2019 will be the prof. Ariel Toaff, son of Elio Toaff, and prof. Sergio Della Pergola, member of the Righteous Committee of Yad Vashem. Furthermore, it is foreseen the presence of a quartet that will perform music on the subject by Marchigiana Philharmonic Orchestra. For the occasion there will be reprinted 150 copies of the n. 220 of the Council's Notebooks ""Memory against discrimination"" to be delivered to the students participating in the open session of the Regional Council.