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Austrian and Latvian historians and researchers worked together for some years researching the fate of Austrian Jews who fled the territory of Nazi-occupied Austria between 1938 and 1940 and went to Latvia in search for a safe haven. The Austrian Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the Research of the consequences of the wars and the Occupation Museum in Riga, Latvia, continued their ongoing cooperation in publishing a collection of research results connected to this subject.


The judges of the Third Section of the Provincial Court of Madrid decided last week to dissolve the neo-Nazi organization Blood and Honour Spain ("Sangre y Honor" in Spanish), condemning 15 of the 18 defendants to prison terms ranging from one year to three and a half years. The decision is a clear stand against antisemitism and Holocaust denial in the country.


Spain has launched a pioneering project to bring students to various sites of Holocaust remembrance around Europe.


Dan Tichon, the chairman of the ITF in 2010, delivered a speech today to the OSCE's High-Level Conference on Tolerance and Non-Discrimination on the goals and proposals of the ITF in the context of a resurgence of antisemitism and Holocaust denial around the world.


The Task Force for International Cooperation in Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research (ITF) met for its biannual Plenary meeting, the first under the Israeli chairmanship, from 14-17 June 2010. Over 200 delegates attended representing 35 countries and 114 NGOs and intergovernmental organizations and government institutions in the ITF's 4 Working Groups.


Today, many states have recognized the importance of teaching about the Holocaust and using it as a mechanism for preventing racism, ethnic conflict, and genocide. The aim of the Salzburg Global Seminar's project is to make the prevention of genocide a central part of Holocaust education curricula.


Foreign Secretary William Hague has appointed Sir Andrew Burns as the United Kingdom's first Envoy for post-Holocaust Issues.

Press release by the Foreign Office of the United Kingdom: Wednesday 9 June 2010


On 12-13 June, prior to the ITF Plenary Meetings in Jerusalem, 200 world-renowned scholars, philosophers and leaders from some 40 countries will come together at Yad Vashem for the Seventh International Conference on Holocaust Education.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, together with Casa Sefarad-Israel and the Ministry of Education, is organizing a conference in Madrid on 27-29 May for over 200 educators on transmitting Holocaust history.


On May 13, the ceremony for the unveiling of the Monument Commemorating the Evacuation of Warsaw Ghetto Fighters took place at 51, Prosta Street in Warsaw.