Memorial sites for the victims of National Socialism in Austria – a catalogue for learning

Memorial sites for the victims of National Socialism and sites relating to the period of National Socialism in general are to be found in all Austrian provinces. They are important places of remembrance of the sufferings and deaths of so many people. They are also a challenge to our capacity to understand: How could it all happen? How could a society be willing to commit and support such crimes?

This catalogue of selected memorial sites published by _erinnern.at_ is designed to encourage visits. The memorial sites have outstanding potential as places of learning, and _erinnern.at_ offers didactic suggestions for an approach to teaching history that takes both the sites and young visitors seriously and does not merely seek to induce a sense of shock.The catalogue, which is presently only available in German, has been prepared on the basis of a questionnaire, with the descriptions provided by the various organisations and institutions themselves.