Romania adopts special legislation on combatting of antisemitism

On 20 June, 2018, the Romanian Chamber of  Deputies adopted a law that specifically combats antisemitism. The law incriminates the promotion of antisemitic ideas, the distribution and dissemination of antisemitic materials, as well as the initiation and the creation of an organization with an antisemitic character. These are all crimes punishable by imprisonment ranging from 3 months to 10 years.

The law was passed with a majority of 257 votes of 258 deputies present. This follows the unanimous decision by the Senate to adopt the same law. The legislation is based on the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's Working Definition of Antisemitism, adopted by the 31 Member Countries of the IHRA in Bucharest in May 2016.

The adoption of legislation demonstrates Romania's resolute commitment in the fight against antisemitism following the adoption of the IHRA's Working Definition of Antisemitism by its government in May 2017.

Romania has been a Member Country of the IHRA since 2004 and held the chairmanship of the organization in 2016.


Image: Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romania