Permanent Office

The Permanent Office was established on 11 March 2008 in Berlin, Germany, and is headed by Dr. Kathrin Meyer. The Permanent Office (PO) was created in order to ensure continuity between IHRA Chairmanships and to support the activities of the IHRA experts and Member Countries.

Primary responsibilities of the Permanent Office include providing assistance to the Chairmanship, Working Groups, delegations, and other IHRA bodies, facilitating internal and external communication, and administrating the Grant Programme.  

For journalists:

For media enquiries, please contact Ketchum at or +44 (0) 20 3755 6534.

For general enquiries:

Tel.: +49 30 26396660
Fax: +49 30 263966649



  • Dr. Kathrin Meyer

    Executive Secretary

    I have been the Executive Secretary of the IHRA since 2008 and am responsible for supporting the vision and strategy of the organization’s 34 member countries. With an MA in Educational Science and a PhD in History from the Technical University Berlin, I am passionate about empowering governments and civil society to reflect on their history to inform policy.

    Ask me about: Strategy, historically informed policy-making, political cooperation, organizational vision

  • Lennart Aldick

    Deputy Executive Secretary

    I support the Executive Secretary in political and organizational matters and take care of the organization’s budgets. I am also responsible for supporting the country which is chairing our organization in planning our plenary meetings, which take place twice a year, and act as the contact person for our liaison and observer countries, as well as for our partner organizations.  With a Masters degree in International and European Politics from the University of Edinburgh and having studied in Konstanz, Hong Kong and New York, I really appreciate the international nature of the IHRA and love working to foster international cooperation.

    Ask me about: Budget and membership contributions, Observer and Liaison Countries, Permanent International Partner organizations, the IHRA’s plenary sessions

  • Rosvita Krajinovic

    Program Officer

    I coordinate the programmatic aspects of the IHRA’s work, at the interface of the expert and political level. I provide support to IHRA’s Working Group and Committee Chairs and I am responsible for the organization’s grant portfolio. With a Masters in Political Sciences from the Freie University of Berlin, I love positively contributing to this unique alliance between experts and governments and supporting their efforts to advance cooperation in the field of Holocaust remembrance, research and education.

    Ask me about: IHRA’s working groups, committees, funding for non-governmental institutions

  • Laura Robertson

    Communication Officer

    I am responsible for supporting the IHRA in communicating clearly and efficiently about its activities and successes with our wide circle of stakeholders. I enjoy thinking strategically about how best to get our message to the right people. I graduated from Kingston University in London with a Masters in Human Rights and Genocide Studies and love being able to apply the knowledge gained during my degree to help the IHRA promote Holocaust research, remembrance and education worldwide.

    Ask me about: Website, social media, newsletter, annual report, visual identity, press releases, communication strategy

  • Julana Bredtmann

    Program Officer

    I provide support for IHRA's projects and am responsible for monitoring and evaluation. I am PhD candidate at the Free University in Berlin, researching on the aftermath of the Holocaust. Having studied history and political science, I enjoy making knowledge about the past usable for the present, and I especially like the international character of IHRA’s work.

    Ask me about: IHRA Projects, monitoring and evaluation

  • Inga Rystad

    Executive Assistant

    I am currently completing a Masters in National and International Administration and Policy at the University of Potsdam and I work part-time at the Permanent Office to support the Executive Secretary and the Executive Officer with their tasks. I am excited to be a part of the IHRA and enjoy seeing so many knowledgeable people coming together to work on the important issue of Holocaust education, remembrance and research.

    Ask me about: Travel booking, reimbursements, meeting logistics

  • Kati Auld

    Social Media and Digital Content Manager

    I am responsible for the IHRA's social media strategy, and support the Communication Officer in communicating the IHRA's activities in a digital space. With an Honours degree in Philosophy and a background in media and content marketing, I enjoy finding simple ways to communicate complex ideas. I love applying a focused, strategic approach to the IHRA's variety of achievements, and learning from the diverse field of stakeholders committed to Holocaust remembrance, education and research. 

    Ask me about: Social Media Strategy, Editorial Calendar, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Natalie Harshman

    Project Assistant

    I am currently doing my Masters at the Brandenburg University of Technology, studying Heritage Conservation and Site Management. As a Project Assistant I offer assistance with the many projects that the Permanent Office is working on. With a background in Anthropology and Heritage Studies, I am passionate about working with professionals in the field to promote Holocaust remembrance, research, and education.

  • Martin Grand Ast

    Project Assistant

    I assist the project and outreach work of the Permanent Office, revising and creating content for the IHRA website and newsletter. I am a graduate of the University of Copenhagen and hold an MA in Global, International and Comparative History from Georgetown University. I am deeply interested in the relationship between the past and the present and therefore very excited to be working with IHRA at the intersection of international academics and policy-making.