International Center for Education and Exchange

Internationales Bildungs- und Begegnungszentrum
Astrid Sahm
IBB representative in Berlin

The International Center for Education and Exchange (IBB), based in Dortmund and Minsk, aims at reconciliation and the development of a European culture of remembrance. Its activities in Belarus gained momentum with the 2003 opening of the 'Laboratory of History' in Minsk, a unique meeting place established in cooperation with the Belarusian Association of Jewish communities. In the framework of educational activities, trips to memorials for victims of the German occupation are organized regularly, including to several killing sites. During the official planning of the Malyj Trostenets memorial, the IBB promoted the inclusion of the Blagovš?ina killing site, where victims from Belarus, but also many German, Austrian and Czech Jews were killed. An international exhibition project on Trostenets started in 2014.

See Astrid Sahm's contribution to the IHRA "Killing Sites" volume.

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