“We share a commitment to encourage the study of the Holocaust in all its dimensions. We will promote education about the Holocaust in our schools and universities, in our communities and encourage it in other institutions.”
– Article 5 of the Stockholm Declaration

The IHRA’s Working Groups and Committees publish educational recommendations aimed at encouraging best practices around the commitments that each IHRA member country makes when they commit to the Stockholm Declaration. Additionally, engagement to promote and evolve the field have resulted in products such as the Education Research project. The IHRA works to promote these recommendations in observer countries through its professional development outreach programs in order to support these countries as they work toward gaining full IHRA membership.

To date, the IHRA’s professional development initiatives have focused on developing strong Holocaust educational practices and promoting appropriate Holocaust Memorial Day events in those countries where such actions have not yet been formally adopted. This political and expert-level engagement has led to tangible results in observer countries such as an action plan by the government of Moldova which addresses exhibitions, education, memorialization, and curricula about the Holocaust; and the commitment by the Ministry of Education in El Salvador to include – for the first time ever – education about the Holocaust in the national curriculum.

The current Chair of IHRA’s Education Working Group is Sue Hampel (Australia).

Participant at the IHRA seminar on Holocaust education in El Salvador held on 9 January 2017. LUIS PAREDES.

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