Sharing best practices and war crime remembrance

Documenta Center for Dealing with the Past

This project aimed at arranging two subsequent summer academies, with the intention to create an environment for participants to share their
knowledge and experience on critical issues of the Holocaust, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Since 2006 Documenta is working on building and strengthening regional coalition of civil society organizations from post-Yugoslav countries.

Documenta's mission is to support the individual and social process of dealing with the past, in order to build a sustainable peace in Croatia and the region. They encourage a public debate on public policies and dealing with the past. Their activities include collecting data, publishing research on war events, war crimes and violations of human rights, and monitoring war crimes trials at the local and regional level as a contribution to the improvement of court standards and practices in the war crimes trials.

Project Partner
Institute for Applied History
Beneficiary countries
Bosnia & Herzegovina
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