Austrian IHRA Delegation presents new website with video testimonies of victims of National Socialism

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day Members of the Austrian Delegation, Martina Maschke and Werner Dreier, together with the Austrian Federal Minister of Education Prof. Heinz Faßmann and with Katja Sturm-Schnabl a survivor of two Concentration Camps presented a new website with Video Testimonies of Victims of Nationals Socialism.

The new online archive makes Video Testimonies with a reference to Austria from various collections accessible. Many of these Video Testimonies have been forgotten or were not easily accessible, secures these life stories and makes them accessible in full length. The Testimonies on have been indexed and are thus searchable by locations, themes and experiences. There are currently nearly 70 testimonies online, equal to 200 hours of videos, the online archive will continuously expand in 2019.

Press release (German): 

English Video Testimonies on

Photo: : Prof. Heinz Faßmann, Austrian Federal Minister of Education, Katja Sturm-Schnabel, Survivor of two concentration camps, Werner Dreier, Director of _erinnern.at_