Minister speaks at Holocaust Memorial Day in Budapest


"The Hungarian state bears the responsibility for not defending its citizens during the Holocaust, there is no collective guilt, but there is state responsibility"- Gergely Gulyás, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office said on Holocaust Memorial Day in Budapest.

At the event organized by the Holocaust Memorial Center, Mr Gulyás said the government has always made it clear when it comes to the responsibility of the Hungarian state. It is a fact that in the 1930s, the strengthening of antisemitism has reached Hungary and Hungarian society as well, and the Jews were subjected to an unbearable restriction of their rights. While the Jews had been taken away after the German occupation, this could not have happened without the activities of the Hungarian administration, Mr Gulyás said. Mr Gulyás stated that the government is proud that Jews and non-Jews can live side by side in a thriving cultural and religious life in Hungary. Hungary has learned from the past and knows – Mr Gulyás added – that a common future should be planned and implemented with the Jewish community. Gergely Gulyás said that the loss is not only of the Jews, but of the whole of Europe, not only of the Hungarian Jews, but of the whole Hungarian nation. The Holocaust is a consequence of the denial of the Jewish-Christian Western civilization, because Jewish and Christian moral teachings regard human life as sacred, Mr Gulyás said.

Photo: Földházi Árpád