Film Archives of the City of Luxembourg: Cinema-Concert of the film “Die Stadt ohne Juden” – The City without Jews feat. The Silent Movers

Tuesday, 14 May 2019 at 8:30 pm, Cinémathèque of Luxembourg

In cooperation with: International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance - 2019 Luxembourg Chairmanship, Austrian Embassy in Luxembourg, Consistoire Israélite de Luxembourg, MemoShoah, Filmarchiv Austria

Austria 1924 – Card in English language – 91 minutes – Film Director: Hans Karl Breslauer – With: Johannes Riemann, Karl Thema, Anny Milety – Copy restored by the Filmarchiv Austria

With an introduction by Dr. Nikolaus Wostry (Filmarchiv Austria)

“The City of the Jews is one of the most sought-after lost films in Austrian film history”
Ernst Kieninger, Director of the Filmarchiv Austria

The Austrian movie “Stadt ohne Juden” – The City without Jews – was released by Hans Karl Breslauer in 1924, a couple of years before the Holocaust was perpetrated. Based on the eponymous book of Hugo Bettauer, this fiction from the expressionist style relates how the Jews in Vienna – called the “Republic of Utopia” in the movie –, were hold responsible for the economic and social crisis and subsequently all forced to leave.

A trio of musicians will accompany the silent film. The event will be moderated by Nikolaus Wostry, Managing Director of the Filmarchiv Austria.

To today’s viewers, the profoundly humanist and politically engaged film “Die Stadt ohne Juden” bears the elements of a prophecy. Soon after its release in 1924, it faded into oblivion and it was not until the 1990s that it was rediscovered. After missing footage was found on a flea market in France in 2015, the Filmarchiv Austria restored it using advanced techniques. The premiere of the restored version was released in 2018 in Vienna. The movie is an invitation to think about the mechanisms that led to the systematic genocide of historically unprecedented scale – and that started with social exclusion.  

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