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From 28 - 31 May 2018, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance holds its first bi-annual Plenary Meeting under the Italian Chairmanship in Rome and the Italian delegates are at work.

At a meeting which took place on 17 May at the Ministry of Education, University and Research the Chair, Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin and for Giuseppe Pierro, Head of Delegation, reviewed the details of the program that has some important new aspects. At the meetings in Rome, the IHRA delegates are focussing on projects and good practices which positively contribute to the IHRA's five-year priority theme of safeguarding the record and countering distortion. Following the adoption of the new IHRA Strategy  - and in order to kick-start its implementation -  eight cross-cutting workshops will take place on the first day of the Plenary, in order to give delegates the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary setting.

The workshops required a big change in organization that was finalized over the last few days, to the great satisfaction of the IHRA Chair. Having addressed the main practical issues and final details, the Italian delegation is now ready to welcome everyone in Rome on 28 May.

Over four days almost 200 experts and policymakers from the IHRA’s 31 Member Countries, two Liaison Countries, nine Observer Countries, and seven international partner organisations gather to discuss Holocaust education, research and remembrance as a contemporary political issue. The current Chair of the IHRA is Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin.

On Sunday 27 May 2018, a conference will be held on the topic 'The Racist Laws: Before and After the Shoah: Models, Practices and Heritage' organized by the IHRA, the Italian Chairmanship and the Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Universita e della Ricerca.

Read the program of the conference

The IHRA unites governments and experts to strengthen, advance and promote Holocaust education, remembrance and research worldwide, and to uphold the commitments of the 2000 Stockholm Declaration.


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The IHRA Chair, Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin.