Inauguration of the exhibition “State of Deception – The Power of Nazi Propaganda

On 1 February, 2019, the exhibition “State of Deception – The Power of Nazi Propaganda” was inaugurated at the Neumünster Abbey Cultural Exchange Center (Neimënster) in Luxembourg City. “State of Deception” is an exhibition by the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, and dives into the mechanisms of Nazi propaganda and the extensive effects it had on the German society and its mindset. Visitors are further encouraged to think about the ways they consume information and news coverage in the present day.

The inauguration ceremony was honoured by the presence of the new Minister of Culture, Sam Tanson, the incoming IHRA Chair, Ambassador Georges Santer, the Director of Neimënster, Ainhoa Achutegui, the Director of the ZpB – Zentrum fir politesch Bildung (Centre for political education), Marc Schoentgen, as well as Peggy Frankston, the Project Coordinator of the United States Holocaust Museum, who all addressed the numerous audience.

After the inaugural speeches, Mrs Frankston gave the attendees a guided tour through the exhibition installed in the vaulted premises of Neumünster Abbey.

“State of Deception – The Power of Nazi Propaganda” welcomes visitors from the 2 February to the 17 March 2019.

Main image: The Incoming Chair Ambassador Georges Santer during his speech. Neimënster