Reporting on issues related to the Holocaust and genocide of the Roma can be complex. We have developed tools that can help media professionals take a sensitive approach.

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Discover working definitions and other resources we have produced to address complex Holocaust-related issues.

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IHRA working definitions

Access the full texts of the IHRA’s non-legally binding working definitions of antisemitism, antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination, and Holocaust denial and distortion.

Our working definitions reflect international and interdisciplinary consensus on how to identify these phenomena, making it easier to begin addressing them. They are available in multiple languages.

Other key resources

Our resources are always the result of interdisciplinary work by international expert teams. Explore our recently published tools below.

Recommendations & Guidelines

IHRA Reflections on Terminology for Holocaust Comparison

This resource provides questions for reflection to help people adopt good practice when comparing the Holocaust and other mass atrocities.


Spelling of antisemitism

Learn why “antisemitism,” spelled without a hyphen, is the preferred form of spelling by scholars and institutions.


Stockholm Declaration

The founding document of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, the Stockholm Declaration outlines the principles that guide the organization and its Member Countries.


2020 IHRA Ministerial Declaration

These 14 measures underpin the ultimate objective of the IHRA: to ensure the world remembers the Holocaust and works toward a world without genocide.


Annual report

Learn about the IHRA’s achievements, key decisions, and the personal highlights of our delegates who make our work possible.

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