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Policy based on evidence and research has the greatest impact. We bridge the gap between policymakers and experts, empowering key decision makers to build a world that remembers the Holocaust, a world without genocide.


Protect the Facts campaign

Holocaust distortion doesn’t stop at national borders, nor is it found only in one language. International cooperation is essential to countering it.

The Protect the Facts campaign is an IHRA joint initiative with the European Commission, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), the United Nations, and UNESCO.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of Holocaust distortion – both how to recognize it and how to counter it.

Recent publications

Our resources are always the result of interdisciplinary work by international expert teams. Explore our recently published guidance below.


2020 IHRA Ministerial Declaration

These 14 measures underpin the ultimate objective of the IHRA: to ensure the world remembers the Holocaust and works toward a world without genocide.

Working Definitions & Charters

Working definition of antisemitism

Read the full text of the IHRA’s non-legally binding working definition of antisemitism and learn more about this important tool with FAQs.

Working Definitions & Charters

International Memorial Museums Charter

The International Memorial Museums Charter provides memorial museums with internationally agreed-upon principles and ethics for commemorating the victims of the Holocaust.


Stockholm Declaration

The founding document of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, the Stockholm Declaration outlines the principles that guide the organization and its Member Countries.

Focus area:

Holocaust denial and distortion

We are leading global efforts to tackle the growing threat of Holocaust denial and distortion.

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