The Holocaust can be a complex and difficult topic to teach: it must be fact-based and encourage critical thinking in students. We develop tools around educationally sound approaches to teaching about the Holocaust, for both teachers at school and education professionals developing their own teaching programs.

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This page will help teachers and other education professionals discover the resources we offer to help people teach and learn about the Holocaust and genocide of the Roma.

Why we work with education professionals

Holocaust education is an essential part of building a world that remembers the Holocaust, a world without genocide. Our Member Countries share a commitment to encourage the study of the Holocaust, and promote education on Holocaust-related issues in our schools and universities. In this way we can ensure future generations continue to remember the Holocaust, and understand why it must never happen again.


Recommendations for learning and teaching about the Holocaust

Discover our detailed guidance for curriculum developers and educational professionals for learning and teaching about the Holocaust.

These recommendations will allow you to:

  1. Explain why teaching and learning about the Holocaust matters. The document provides compelling reasons for covering the Holocaust in classroom teaching programs, giving students a deeper understanding of history and how it shapes the present.
  2. Find appropriate sources for your learning environment. Covering this subject in a way which is both sensitive and accurate can be difficult. These recommendations include practical help on making the right choices.
  3. Bring teaching programs up to date with latest research. There’s a huge amount of recent research in this subject; we’re made it easy to incorporate these findings into your classroom.

Recent publications

Our resources are always the result of interdisciplinary work by international expert teams. Explore our recently published guidance below.

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We create tools and resources that help people teach and learn about Holocaust-related issues.

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