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Recommendations for Dealing with Antisemitism at Universities with Teacher Education

The responsible handling of human rights and democracy is part of the core of teacher professionalism and is therefore given a special status in teacher education. In a time of increasing awareness of discriminatory practices in the form of group-focused enmity, racism, sexism and especially antisemitism – often in connection with conspiracy ideologies – higher education institutions are also increasingly finding themselves in the situation of having to react appropriately to these phenomena. A special responsibility is given to the area of teacher education.  

Universities that offer studies for a teaching diploma or teaching degree are recommended,

  • firstly, to ensure that all degree programmes and the respective teacher training programmes for future teachers offer basic, extended and in-depth courses on dealing with antisemitism,
  • secondly, to openly communicate the professional ethical expectations of students,
  • thirdly, to offer case management at the level of the university in order to be able to (re)act quickly and in a process-guided manner in the event of antisemitism and other discriminatory incidents,
  • fourthly, to designate a contact person who can advise and support the university in dealing with antisemitism.
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Recommendations for Dealing with Antisemitism at the Universities

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