Through the IHRA Grant Program, we are are able to fund projects of external organizations. The Grant Program is core to our work as an organization, and projects that receive IHRA funding also have access to the IHRA’s expertise, tools, and guidance.

Applying for IHRA Grant Program

The call for IHRA Grant applications is now closed. The next call for applications will open in July 2024. All applications must be submitted via our application portal.

The IHRA Grant Strategy welcomes applications from all over the world and from any organization or institution in the field of education, remembrance, and research of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma.

The projects we co-fund are innovative, relevant, and impactful, have a clear international component, and either safeguard the record of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma (Program 1), or counter distortion (Program 2).

Projects we have funded recently

We are pleased to announce that the winners of the IHRA Grant Program have now been chosen. This year, the IHRA Grant Program received a record number of applications from across the world. The IHRA’s Grant Review Committee, which is comprised of experts from various disciplines related to education and remembrance on the Holocaust and genocide of the Roma, have now chosen 16 projects to fund from Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa.

Previous project highlights

Discover some of the grant projects we have supported in the past few years.

Grant Program Guidelines

Our grant guidelines contain all the information you will need to make an application for funding. Please read them carefully before starting your application.

Download PDF

IHRA Resources Explainer

IHRA Grant Projects are required to make use of IHRA resources. Learn how with this Resources Explainer.

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The call for applications will open in July 2024

All applications must be submitted through our application portal, which will open in July 2024. Please read the above Grant Guidelines and IHRA Resources Explainer PDFs carefully prior to beginning your application.

Yehuda Bauer Grant

The Professor Yehuda Bauer Grant will award funding in the amount of 50,000 EUR to one project from anywhere in the world which aims to undertake new and significant research on the Holocaust and antisemitism, with no co-funding required.

A focus on Ukraine

Given the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the IHRA Grant Program will prioritize funding for institutions working in and around Ukraine, to support their efforts during this difficult time and to lay the foundation for remembrance of the Holocaust during Ukraine’s recovery process and beyond.

About the IHRA Grant Program

Over the last decade, the IHRA Grant Program has funded over 150 projects from around the world, supported by annual contributions from each of the IHRA’s Member Countries.

The IHRA works closely with each project, and our expertise means organizations are able to reach a level and an audience which they probably wouldn’t be able to reach by working alone.

Work that crosses borders

These projects have provided the field with innovative approaches in areas like: teaching about the Holocaust or genocide of the Roma; collecting and publicizing untold testimonies; combating antisemitism and antigypsyism; and countering distortion of the Holocaust and genocide of the Roma.

Core to their success is their international approach, allowing them to share ideas and approaches with a wider range of people and organizations, and build networks between different countries and regions.

Measuring the impact of the IHRA Grant Program

Of the 12 grants completed between 2019-2022:

  1. 38 countries took part
  2. Over 100,000 social media interactions
  3. over 40,000 visitors to grant websites
  4. almost 10,000 visitors to events
  5. 16 policy recommendations
  6. 13 resources produced

Webinar: useful information for applicants

Watch this 70-minute webinar from 5 July 2023, to discover everything you need to know about applying for the IHRA Grant Program, including how to apply, how to write a strong proposal, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions about the IHRA Grant Program

When should my organization apply?

The call for applications will open in July 2024. Applicants should first submit project abstracts via the application portal by 29 September. Applicants with successful abstracts will be notified by mid-October, and invited to submit a full application via the application portal.

For more information, see the Grant Guidelines Document.

How much funding is available for my organization’s project?

The IHRA Grant Program provides a maximum of 50,000 EUR per project per year of funding, and a minimum of 15,000 EUR per project per year of funding. At least 50% of the total budget for the project is to be covered by sources other than the IHRA. Your co-funder may be your formal project partner but does not need to be – further details found in the Grant Guidelines Document.

What is the maximum amount of funding my organization’s project can receive?

The maximum amount of funding we offer per year is 50,000 EUR and the minimum amount of funding per year is 15,000 EUR. Therefore, the maximum amount of funding you could receive in total is 100,000 EUR for a two year project. The minimum amount of funding you could receive would be 15,000 EUR for a one year project.

What if my organization does not yet have a co-funder to provide the other 50% of the funding?

If, at the time of applying, confirmation from other funding sources has not yet been received, the applicant should list all potential co-funders that have been contacted.  The applicant must furnish proof that other donors have committed themselves to co-funding or that co-funding will be provided from other sources to receive the initial installment of 70% of the annual allocation.

What if my project does not have an international element to it?

Every IHRA-funded project must take an international approach. Projects should bring together target groups and project partners from at least two different countries.

Can my formal project partner be from the same country as my own organization?

No, you must find at least one project partner in a different country. Our international directory of Holocaust organizations might help you identify another organization to partner with.

I am an independent researcher. Can I apply for funding for my project?

The IHRA does not fund individual research or monographs. We do, however, fund joint research projects. Please apply through your research consortium, institution, or university.

How should I make use of IHRA resources and working definitions in my project?

Read the IHRA resource explainer for a complete guide to using our resources and working definitions.

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