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01 Mar 2024 Time to read: 3 mins

The United Kingdom takes over IHRA Presidency from Croatia

Guided by the motto "In Plain Sight," the UK IHRA Presidency begins on 1 March 2024.

28 Feb 2024 Time to read: 10 mins

Looking back over the year and forward to the future of remembrance

IHRA Co-Chairs Ambassador Terezija Gras and Sara Lustig reflect on their achievements over the past year as they hand over the IHRA Presidency to the UK.

28 Feb 2024 Time to read: 2 mins

Protecting the Facts, Protecting the Future

A report from the Croatian IHRA Presidency on the IHRAs ongoing commitments to counter Holocaust distortion.

Recommendations & Guidelines

Recommendations on Archival Access

Helping archivists and policymakers advance Holocaust research and safeguard the record.

Working Definitions & Charters

Working definition of antisemitism

Read the full text of the IHRAs non-legally binding working definition of antisemitism and learn more about this important tool with FAQs.

Working Definitions & Charters

Listina za varstvo krajev spomina

Learn about the risks facing Holocaust-related sites and what you can do to mitigate them.

25 Jan 2024 Time to read: 6 mins

Safeguarding the Record during the Holocaust: A testament to courage and humanity

Holocaust survivor Sidney Taussig's stories are remarkable in their bravery and resilience.

25 Jan 2024 Time to read: 3 min

Shaping the future this Holocaust Remembrance Day 

Read about the IHRA's activities around International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2024.

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