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Explore: Archival access

An in-depth look at why access to archives is important, both for Holocaust research and beyond, and how you can take part.


Explore: Countering Holocaust distortion

Take an in-depth look at the subject of Holocaust distortion: what it is, why its dangerous, and how we can counter it.


IHRA Project: Recommendations for Teaching and Learning about the Persecution and Genocide of the Roma during the Nazi era

Learn about the team of experts advancing education on the genocide of the Roma.


IHRA Project: Monitoring Access to Holocaust Collections

Learn about the team of experts advancing access to archives with material on the Holocaust.

31 October


IHRA Secretary General Statement on the unprecedented rise in antisemitism

IHRA Secretary General Dr. Kathrin Meyer condemns increasing antisemitic activity and violence against Jews amidst the Hamas attacks on the Israeli population.


IHRA Toolkit Against Holocaust Distortion

Take steps towards recognizing and countering Holocaust distortion with the practical tools, guidance, and example activities included in this online Toolkit.

30 Oct 2023 Time to read: 2 mins

Capacity building training in Hungary: Holocaust distortion

Policymakers and educators from Hungary participated in the Holocaust Distortion Capacity Building Training Program aimed to help participants identify and tackle Holocaust distortion within their own work environments.

29 Oct 2023 Time to read: 7 mins

Equipping policymakers and educators to tackle Holocaust distortion

The Holocaust Distortion Capacity Building Training Programme, hosted by the IHRA, is in partnership with UNESCO and the Zachor Foundation.

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