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This page will tell you about IHRA membership and help you find out about each country’s activities.

Each country’s government selects their own national delegation of experts and policymakers, chaired by a senior official. There are three levels of membership: Member Countries, Liaison Countries, and Observer Countries.

The IHRA Member Countries

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Liaison Countries

Liaison Countries are in the process of becoming full members of the IHRA. We currently do not have any Liaison Countries.

There are currently no Liaison Countries

Observer Countries

Observer Countries contribute to the IHRA’s work on a more limited basis.

Bosnia and Herzegovina






New Zealand



Frequently asked questions

Can my organization join the IHRA Member Countries?

Individual organizations cannot be direct members of the IHRA. The IHRA is an intergovernmental organization, which means that our members are mainly governments (with the addition of our Permanent International Partners).

Each country that joins the IHRA selects leading national experts in the fields of Holocaust education, research, and remembrance to form its national delegation. Your organization could have individual members of staff with specific Holocaust-related expertise who may be invited to join your country’s IHRA delegation.

Can I join my country’s delegation?

Decisions about the composition of each national delegation are up to the Head of Delegation for each country. Go to your country’s page (linked above) to find out more about its Head of Delegation.

How can my country become a member of the IHRA?

When a government of any UN member state expresses an interest in joining the IHRA, it will submit an official letter of application, signed by a senior governmental representative. Following a meeting with the IHRA Permanent Office or the IHRA Chair and the completion of the Application for Observer Country Status, it will then be accepted as an Observer Country, subject to approval by the Heads of Delegation of all IHRA Member Countries.

Find out more about this process.

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