Strengthening exhibits, safeguarding sites, and empowering guides to engage meaningfully with the history of the Holocaust and genocide of the Roma.

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This page will help you discover all the resources, guidance and other tools we have produced for memorial and museum professionals.

Why we work with memorial & museum professionals

Memorials and museums protect the dignity of the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. They help counter distortion and safeguard the record. The IHRA supports them through the IHRA Grant Program, its Museums and Memorials Working Group (MMWG), and IHRA Projects.

Working Definitions & Charters

IHRA Charter for Safeguarding Sites

All authentic sites of the Holocaust and genocide of the Roma are an enduring testament to the past. These sites are now approaching or surpassing 80 years old and face unprecedented challenges. Not a single site is properly and entirely safeguarded. Help ensure that these sites can continue to educate and memorialize for generations to come.

The IHRA Charter empowers policymakers, local stakeholders, and international stakeholders to safeguard sites of the Holocaust and genocide of the Roma.

Recent publications

Our resources are always the result of interdisciplinary work by international expert teams. Explore our recently published tools below.

Recommendations & Guidelines

IHRA Reflections on Terminology for Holocaust Comparison

This resource provides questions for reflection to help people adopt good practice when comparing the Holocaust and other mass atrocities.

Working Definitions & Charters

International Memorial Museums Charter

The International Memorial Museums Charter provides memorial museums with internationally agreed-upon principles and ethics for commemorating the victims of the Holocaust.

Overviews & Databases

Memorial Museums Database

The database provides information on the most important memorials and monuments dedicated to the victims of National Socialism.

Focus area:

Sites of the Holocaust and the Genocide of the Roma

We work with memorials and museums and help safeguard the places where the Holocaust happened.

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