What we do

Our work helps people better remember, understand, and learn about the Holocaust and genocide of the Roma so that we can build a world without genocide.

On this page

This page will help you learn more about our work, including how we work and what we produce.


We address contemporary challenges related to the Holocaust and genocide of the Roma. We strengthen the historical record so the world can better understand and remember what happened. We equip leaders with what they need to craft international policies that support democratic and inclusive societies, to help prevent genocide in the future.


Focus areas

Our work centers around eight Focus Areas, distinct subjects that are related to the Holocaust or genocide of the Roma.


Our work

The work that we do as an organization includes our own projects, campaigns, statements, and policy recommendations and other tools.


IHRA Grant Program

The IHRA Grant Program enables us to support the work of other organizations by funding their projects that counter distortion and safeguard the record.

How we work

We work as an international forum, bringing together experts and policymakers from different countries and disciplines to live up to the commitments they made to remember the Holocaust and genocide of the Roma.

By exchanging knowledge and experiences, our delegates work in partnership to develop practical solutions to shared challenges in areas like education, archival access, countering Holocaust distortion, preserving sites, and developing exhibits.

Our regular Plenary Meetings enable people around the world to connect with each other, to build cooperation and set standards on key issues.

What we’re currently working on

Some highlights of our recent work.

Outcomes from the Glagow Plenary Meetings, June 2024

Our Plenary Meetings enable IHRA delegates from around the world to connect with each other, to build cooperation and set standards on key issues. Our most recent Plenary Meetings took place from 24 to 27 June 2024, and were held in Glasgow under the UK IHRA Presidency.

Progress was made across many of our Focus Areas, with all the Working Groups and Committees able to meet and discuss the projects and initiatives currently underway.

Read the Plenary Press Release for a more detailed account of what happened.

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