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23 Jan 2024 Time to read: 3 min

Holocaust sites under threat to benefit from new IHRA Charter for Safeguarding Sites

The IHRA has launched a new resource: the IHRA Charter for Safeguarding Sites.

Working Definitions & Charters

IHRA Charter for Safeguarding Sites

Learn about the risks facing Holocaust-related sites and what you can do to mitigate them.

16 Jan 2024 Time to read: 2 mins

2024 Holocaust Remembrance Conference: Remembering the past. Shaping the future.

Join us for a conference honoring the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, organized by the IHRA, the European Commission, and the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.


Staro Sajmište

Repurposing a site to honor the victims.

Working Definitions & Charters

Definición del Antisemitismo de la Alianza Internacional para el Recuerdo del Holocausto

La Alianza Internacional para el Recuerdo del Holocausto (IHRA por sus siglas en inglés) reúne a Gobiernos y expertos a fin de reforzar, impulsar y promover la educación, la memoria y la investigación en todo el mundo sobre el Holocausto, así como de mantener los compromisos de la Declaración de Estocolmo de 2000.

Working Definitions & Charters

Arbeitsdefinition von Antisemitismus

Im Geiste der Stockholmer Erklärung hat der Ausschuss für Antisemitismus und Holocaustleugnung das IHRA Plenum in Budapest 2015 aufgefordert, die nachstehende Arbeitsdefinition von Antisemitismus anzunehmen.

05 Jan 2024 Time to read: 3 min

In Memoriam: Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of our dear friend Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin.

Recommendations & Guidelines

IHRA Reflections on Terminology for Holocaust Comparison

This resource provides questions for reflection to help people adopt good practice when comparing the Holocaust and other mass atrocities.

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