08 September 2022 Time to read: 5 mins

Find Your Answers film nominated for award

In 1944, artist Malva Schalek courageously resisted the Nazis by refusing to paint the portrait of a collaborationist doctor. She was then deported to Auschwitz. Her story and the research questions it inspired on art as a form of resistance during the Holocaust became the focus of a short film, “Find Your Answers,” commissioned by the IHRA Project on Monitoring Access to Holocaust Collections.

Produced by Raw London for the launch of the IHRA’s Guidelines for Identifying Relevant Documentation for Holocaust Research, Education and Remembrance, the film has now been shortlisted for the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2022 in the Informational Films and Explanatory Videos category.

The short film, available with subtitles in multiple languages, explores how a researcher was denied access to archival material about Malva Schalek’s life and their successful use of the IHRA’s Guidelines to help them gain access.

“Find Your Answers” promotes access to Holocaust-related archival material

When responding to a research request for material that is not obviously relevant for Holocaust research, the IHRA Guidelines encourage archivists to evaluate material using a broad understanding of what can be considered Holocaust-related.Thus, documents that sit outside the 1933–1945 time frame might become Holocaust-related once they deal with the life story of a Holocaust victim like Malva Schalek.

Especially when it comes to material that contains personal information and is subject to privacy regulations like the GDPR, identifying material as Holocaust-related is the first step toward allowing researchers access. Once such material is deemed related to the Holocaust, archivists in the EU can then allow access, provided their host country has implemented Recital 158 and taken advantage of the derogations outlined in Article 89 of the GDPR.

Find Your Answers. Download the IHRA’s Guidelines for Identifying Relevant Documentation for Holocaust Research, Education and Remembrance, available in multiple languages.

Cannes Corporate establishes world’s standard

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards honor the world’s finest films, online media productions and documentaries for organizations and companies in one of the most important film centers in the world: Cannes, France.

The international competition is open to film producers, clients, agencies, TV stations, as well as students. One of the top festivals for films for organizations and companies worldwide, the Cannes Corporate Awards feature prestigious participants, innovative and qualitative works, prominent jury members (e.g. Oscar and Emmy winners), and participating countries from all continents.

Whether “Find Your Answers” will be awarded a Silver or Gold Dolphin will be announced mid-October in an online ceremony.

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