In October 2021, representatives from 50 countries, together with social media companies, policymakers, NGOs and civil society organizations met in Sweden for the Malmö International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism, Remember–ReAct. Delegations made concrete pledges to strengthen Holocaust remembrance and tackle Holocaust distortion, denial and contemporary antisemitism. The pledges also enhanced education on the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma and committed governments to reflecting on the historical events of the Holocaust to inform policy today. 

Now, a comprehensive Follow-Up Report has been made available by the Swedish IHRA Presidency to accompany the Outcome Document published following the Forum, allowing stakeholders to track the progress of implementation and to more easily identify trends in the field as well as persistent gaps.

Report shows significant progress made in implementation of Malmö Forum Pledges

One of the Swedish Presidency’s priorities was to follow up on the pledges announced by the IHRA’s Member Countries at the Malmö Forum, while continuing to coordinate political and international dialogue to combat all forms of antisemitism and Holocaust distortion.

The result of a detailed survey conducted by the Swedish IHRA Presidency of the Malmö Forum delegations, the follow-up report documents the first year of implementation of the pledges made at the Forum. The report comes to 160 pages and shows that substantial progress has been made.

The report is meant to provide an overview of the work already done, facilitate further collaboration, and inspire efforts by both new and existing stakeholders. The follow-up report also aims to illustrate what the IHRA, its Member Countries, Observers, and Permanent International Partners can achieve in a single year when they act together for impact.

Furthermore, the report aims to enable further progress, learning, and exchange as the IHRA continues to follow the pledges until 2024, in line with a decision taken by the IHRA Plenary in Gothenburg in December 2022.

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