23 May 2022 Time to read: 2 mins

International Council of Archives event discusses IHRA Guidelines

Archives play a major role in addressing the great challenges of today. They shape how we think about the past and provide the nuance and knowledge that form the foundation for an inclusive future.

It is with this in mind that SOS Archivi, the co-hosts of the International Council of Archives Roma 2022 Conference, “Archives: Bridging the Gap,” developed a new virtual talk series: Waiting for #ICARoma2022. The fortnightly meetings highlight the experiences of Italian archival and records professionals in the run-up to the much-anticipated 2022 ICA Conference in Rome.

Making use of the cooperative spirit undergirding the field, the series promotes new archival initiatives, supports the training of professionals and, above all, brings documentary heritage closer to citizens and users.

Series features IHRA Guidelines advancing open access to Holocaust collections

The IHRA’s Monitoring Access to Holocaust Collections Project will contribute to this series by presenting its recently launched resource: Guidelines for Identifying Relevant Documentation for Holocaust Research, Education and Remembrance.

By raising awareness of the broad range of material that can be considered Holocaust-related and therefore relevant for Holocaust research, the Guidelines represent an important piece of the open-access-puzzle. Open access to Holocaust-related material allows researchers and the public to find and use Holocaust-related documentation for commemoration, education, and research. It is critical to safeguarding the record and countering Holocaust distortion.

The IHRA’s Guidelines will be presented by Elinor Kroitoru. They will be discussed together with Dr. Sabrina Mingarelli (Direzione generale Archivi) and Laura Brazzo (CDEC, Milan) who will also talk about Italian and European Projects to advance open access to Holocaust documentation. The discussion will be moderated by Micaela Procaccia (President of ANAI and member of the Working Group).

Tune in on 24 May 2022 at 5PM CEST to watch here, on Facebook or on LinkedIn.

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