Chair Expresses Abhorrence at the Intention of Neo-Nazis to Demonstrate in the Old Jewish Quarter of Prague on November 10

The ITF condemn all efforts to promote racism and anti-Semitism, expressing the need to counter Holocaust denial and distortion amidst rising discrimination.

Final – approved 30 October, 2007

The Chair of the ITF (now IHRA), on behalf of the members of the ITF, expresses his abhorrence at the intention of neo-Nazis to demonstrate in the old Jewish Quarter of Prague on November 10, the anniversary of the „Kristallnacht“ Pogrom perpetrated by Nazi Germany in 1938. The Nazi regime and its actions have justifiably come to represent absolute evil, and any pro-Nazi demonstration must be seen as an expression of identification with that abhorrent regime and as an attempt to return Nazism to this world. The Chair and the ITF condemn all efforts to promote racism and anti-Semitism. We feel encouraged by determination of many civilian groups which will organize their own meetings to hinder neo-Nazi demonstration. The Chair calls on the Mayor of Prague and the Czech government to do all in theirs power to ensure that this demonstration will not take place and certainly not in the Jewish Quarter, in the heart of Prague.