IHRA Chair’s Statement Regarding Planned Holocaust Denial Competition in Iran

IHRA Chair Mihnea Constantinescu expresses deep concern over the exposition of Holocaust denial cartoons in Tehran, stressing on the condemnation of such offensive actions.

It was with great concern and disappointment that I learned of an exposition of Holocaust denial cartoons in Tehran following a competition sponsored by two Iranian cultural organizations, as part of the Cartoon Biennale.

It must remain clear that any attempt to claim that the Holocaust did not take place or to minimize or blur responsibility for the genocide is an attack on the memory of the victims and memory of the Holocaust. On behalf of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, I denounce this disgraceful competition and express my strong criticism that the exposition is being allowed to take place.

Such an irrational response to one of the greatest tragedies in European and world history is provocative and must be condemned. In addition, such initiatives damage the perception of Iran in a global context, running against the high expectations held regarding Iran’s openness towards mutual respect and cooperation with the international community. I very much hope that the authorities in Teheran will take all necessary steps to prevent the exhibition of these offensive cartoons.

Mihnea Constantinescu
IHRA Chair