IHRA Chair’s Statement on the Murder of Mireille Knoll

IHRA Chair Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin expresses deep concern for Mireille Knoll’s death, insisting on justice for the victims of hate crimes and awareness of growing antisemitic attitudes.

“It was with deep sadness and concern that I heard the news of Mireille Knoll’s death in Paris last week. The decision of French prosecutors to file preliminary charges for murder with antisemitic motives is correct and sets an important international signal that governments, judicial systems and police forces must be aware of and sensitive to antisemitic motivations for hate crimes.  I commend the statement of French leaders condemning antisemitism and am convinced that the French prosecutors will ensure a thorough investigation into the crime.

The fact that today, some eighty years after the Holocaust, Jews continue to be persecuted and killed shows that antisemitism still pollutes and poisons our societies. The continuing tragedy of antisemitism confirms the need for IHRA Member Countries to combat this hated and to affirm our commitment to provide educators and policymakers with tools, such as the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism, that allow them to best perform this task.

My thoughts are particularly with the family of Mrs Knoll and with the French Jewish community at this difficult time.”

Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin, IHRA Chair