IHRA Secretary General Statement on the unprecedented rise in antisemitism

IHRA Secretary General Dr. Kathrin Meyer condemns increasing antisemitic activity and violence against Jews amidst the Hamas attacks on the Israeli population.

IHRA Secretary General Dr. Kathrin Meyer states:

“Three weeks ago, Hamas launched an unprecedented lethal attack on Israeli civilians, murdering 1,400 and taking over 200 hostages. With this act of terrorism, Hamas also called for the murder of every Jewish person in the world, unleashing an unparalleled surge in antisemitism that has been felt far beyond the Middle East. What began shortly following the events of 7 October with deplorable demonstrations around the world ‘celebrating’ the slaughter of innocents, has quickly taken on a violent character – and shows no signs of slowing.

With all cornerstones of Jewish life and identity under threat of attack, even in countries with negligible Jewish populations, Jewish people increasingly hide their identities for fear of being physically assaulted. The protection of Jewish schools, community centers, and synagogues is no longer a precautionary measure, but a response to firebombing, riots, and the hate-filled intentions of antisemites, professed on social media and graffitied across building facades. Around the world, those blaming Jews for Israel’s actions seek to push Jewish people out of their respective societies, and increasingly turn to violence to do so.

This situation poses an existential threat to Jewish people everywhere. It is deeply shocking, despite Jewish communities around the world, supported by monitoring organizations and the IHRA, having warned for years of rising antisemitism. Hamas lit the match, social media provided the fuel, but the tinder behind this wave of antisemitism is regrettably homegrown in all our societies. All of us have a responsibility to work against hate and unequivocally denounce all incidents of antisemitism. This goes to the core of IHRA Member Countries’ commitment to combat antisemitism at the source.

We stand in solidarity with all those affected by this increased hatred.

I call on the relevant authorities and stakeholders around the world to ensure the protection of Jewish people, homes, and institutions against violence and hate speech.”


These resources provide a helpful starting point for combating antisemitism: