IHRA Executive Secretary statement on Vandalism of Jewish Cemetery in Geilenkirchen, Germany

Dr Kathrin Meyer, Executive Secretary of the IHRA, condemns the vandalism of Jewish graves in West Germany and speaks protecting the memories of Holocaust victims.

Dr Kathrin Meyer, Executive Secretary of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) said: “It is deeply worrying to see that more than 40 Jewish graves have been vandalised in the town of Geilenkirchen in western Germany. The incident, which took place on the second-last day of Hanukkah, comes amid a worrying rise in antisemitic threats and attacks throughout our Member Countries and beyond.

We condemn this hateful act and we will continue to work with Germany and all our 34 Member Countries to counter this antisemitism in order to ensure the peaceful co-existence of all members of our societies and to honour the memory of the victims and survivors of the Holocaust.”