IHRA Chair’s Statement Regarding Planned Holocaust Denial Competition in Iran

The IHRA strongly condemns the planned Holocaust denial cartoon competition, stressing on Holocaust denial as a clear form of antisemitism.

IHRA Chair’s Statement regarding the planned Holocaust Denial Competition in Iran: IHRA’s 31 member countries stand united in their efforts to uphold the terrible truth of the Holocaust against those who deny it.

This principle is enshrined in IHRA’s founding document, the Stockholm Declaration, and in its Working Definition of Holocaust Distortion and Denial. It must remain clear that Holocaust denial is a form of antisemitism. Any attempt to claim that the Holocaust did not take place or to minimize or blur responsibility for the genocide is an attack on the memory of the victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, but it is also a year that has been blemished by violent antisemitic hate crimes. These events have shown the damaging effects of antisemitism in no uncertain terms. Statements and actions which promote antisemitism and incite hatred are rejected by all IHRA member countries.

In light of this, we strongly condemn the planned Holocaust denial cartoon competition and ask that the Iranian government intervene to stop the competition.