Reaffirmation of the Stockholm Declaration

IHRA’s member countries, observer countries, and permanent international partners come together to reaffirm their commitment to the Stockholm Declaration on its 15th anniversary.

31 member countries, eight observer countries and seven Permanent International Partners reaffirm their commitment to the Stockholm Declaration to mark its 15th anniversary.

On the anniversary of this momentous occasion, the participating countries come together to reaffirm their commitment to the Stockholm Declaration through the following statement, in the knowledge that much great work has been done but that antisemitism, xenophobia and genocide are not confined to the past but continue to be real threats:

Today, 70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, the 31 member and eight observer countries of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), together with our seven Permanent International Partners, have collectively reaffirmed our strong and unqualified support for the founding document of our organisation, the Stockholm Declaration of the year 2000, and the solemn commitments which our governments then undertook.

The unprecedented character of the Holocaust will always hold universal meaning for us. We are committed to remembering and honouring its victims, to upholding the terrible truth of the Holocaust, to standing up against those who distort or deny it and to combatting antisemitism, racism and prejudice against the Roma and Sinti.

We are determined to continue to develop our international cooperation on Holocaust education, remembrance and research and the prevention of future genocides.

15 years ago, the Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust was held, bringing together high-ranking political leaders and officials from more than forty countries to meet with civic and religious leaders, Holocaust survivors, educators, historians and others who have dedicated their work to promoting Holocaust education, commemoration and research.

Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel served as the Forum’s Honorary Chairman and Professor Yehuda Bauer was the senior Academic Advisor to the Forum.

The Stockholm Declaration was signed by participating countries at the closing session of this conference and became the founding document of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). In this Declaration the participating states pledged their commitment to promoting Holocaust education, remembrance and research. Over the years IHRA has grown to include 31 member countries, eight observers countries and seven Permanent International Partners. It remains a unique organisation; bringing together politicians as well as experts from the fields of academia, education, communications, and memorials and museum.