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25 Jan 2024 Time to read: 6 mins

Safeguarding the Record during the Holocaust: A testament to courage and humanity

Holocaust survivor Sidney Taussig’s stories are remarkable in their bravery and resilience.

30 Oct 2023 Time to read: 2 mins

Capacity building training in Hungary: Holocaust distortion

Policymakers and educators from Hungary participated in the Holocaust Distortion Capacity Building Training Program aimed to help participants identify and tackle Holocaust distortion within their own work environments.

29 Oct 2023 Time to read: 7 mins

Equipping policymakers and educators to tackle Holocaust distortion

The Holocaust Distortion Capacity Building Training Programme, hosted by the IHRA, is in partnership with UNESCO and the Zachor Foundation.

29 Sep 2023 Time to read: 2 mins

New training program on countering Holocaust distortion for policymakers

A new training for teachers and policymakers on countering Holocaust distortion and combating antisemitism was implemented for the first time this week in Zagreb.

08 Sep 2023 Time to read: 6 mins

The extraordinary journeys of ordinary objects

Ordinary objects; extraordinary journeys: items we take for granted can provide clues to the stories of our ancestors. An IHRA grant is helping keep the memory of the Holocaust alive via an emotive exhibition.

23 Aug 2023 Time to read: 8 mins

Unlocking forgotten memories of the Holocaust

An artist’s journey to uncover her family history grew into a decades long mission to establish a memorial for the victims of the Jungfernhof concentration camp.

16 Aug 2023 Time to read: 2 mins

In Memoriam: Heidemarie Uhl

Heidemarie was an active and dedicated IHRA delegate for over two decades and contributed invaluable expertise on the topics of memory culture and memory politics.

09 Aug 2023 Time to read: 3 mins

Building political commitment at the Dubrovnik Plenary

The IHRA Plenaries provide a place for Member Countries’ experts and those working at the political level to discuss contemporary challenges facing remembrance, education, and research of the Holocaust and Roma Genocide.

04 Aug 2023 Time to read: 5 mins

IWalks: A digital tool is bringing stories of the past to a location in the present, thanks to an IHRA grant

IWalks brings personal memory and pedagogy together in creative ways to help students connect to Holocaust history and keep its memory alive.

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