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25 Jan 2024 Time to read: 6 mins

Safeguarding the Record during the Holocaust: A testament to courage and humanity

Holocaust survivor Sidney Taussig’s stories are remarkable in their bravery and resilience.

15 Jun 2023 Time to read: 4 mins

New eyes on the IHRA Plenary

This may be Iris Rosenberg’s first IHRA Plenary, but she is far from new to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

01 Jun 2023 Time to read: 6 mins

The Remembering Hilda Dajč Award: Creating courageous cultures of remembrance

The Remembering Hilda Dajč Award recognizes invaluable contributions to meaningful collective remembrance that encourage social responsibility and a better future. 

21 Apr 2023 Time to read: 4 mins

Teachers and the future of Holocaust education: hosting cross-border educational dialogues to counter Holocaust distortion

A conscientious education of the truth is one of the most effective ways of countering Holocaust distortion. Teachers are central to this effort.

27 Mar 2023 Time to read: 8 mins

The future of remembrance: Q&A with IHRA Co-Chairs Terezija Gras and Sara Lustig on the Croatian Presidency

The Croatian IHRA Presidency began on 1 March 2023. In this Q&A, IHRA Co-Chairs Terezija Gras and Sara Lustig share their motivations for the year ahead. 

24 Mar 2023 Time to read: 3 mins

North Macedonia commemorates the 80th anniversary of the deportation of the Macedonian Jews

The Republic of North Macedonia hosted commemoration events in honor of 7,144 Macedonian Jews deported to the Treblinka death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland 80 years ago.

17 Mar 2023 Time to read: 1 min

Overview of memorial museums in Germany builds network

This revised survey, created by the Gedenkstättenforum as a department of the Topography of Terror and originally co-funded by an IHRA Grant, strengthens networks of memorial museums which educate future generations about past atrocities.

01 Mar 2023 Time to read: 4 mins

Croatia takes over IHRA Presidency from Sweden

Under the leadership of Terezija Gras and Sara Lustig, the overarching theme of the Croatian Presidency will be the Future of Remembrance, while the visual identity of the Presidency is #FORtheIHRA.

01 Mar 2023 Time to read: 1 min

In Memoriam: Kim Simon

 One of the IHRA’s longest-standing delegates, Kim was active in the IHRA since 2002 and was critical to developing the organization into what it is today.

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