A well-informed understanding of the Holocaust can help in comprehending and addressing other genocides, mass atrocities, and human rights violations. Learn about how the IHRA uses comparative scholarship, education, and commemoration to build a world without genocide.

Useful resources on comparative approaches

The IHRA’s expert-led tools help educators, policymakers, and museum professionals compare the Holocaust to different atrocities.

Recommendations & Guidelines

IHRA Reflections on Terminology for Holocaust Comparison

This resource provides questions for reflection to help people adopt good practice when comparing the Holocaust and other mass atrocities.

Project highlight: Holocaust comparison

Grant projects we fund, as well as internal projects and activities led by our experts, help us encourage Holocaust comparison that counters distortion and safeguards the record.

Identifying and Countering Holocaust Distortion: Lessons for Southeast Asia

This grant projects draws on the regional experiences of the Second World War and genocides in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand to counter Holocaust and genocide distortion.

The IHRA’s Committee on the Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity

The interdisciplinary experts in this Committee provide guidance on how to sensitively reflect and discuss the Holocaust and other cases of genocides without diminishing their respective differences in an educational and research environment.

Our eight Focus Areas


We are creating a shared understanding of how antisemitism impacts our societies – and how we can fight it.

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Holocaust denial and distortion

We are leading global efforts to tackle the growing threat of Holocaust denial and distortion.

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Archives and research

We are helping victims, survivors, and their descendants to reclaim their histories and identities.

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We create tools and resources that help people teach and learn about Holocaust-related issues.

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Genocide of the Roma

We are raising awareness of the genocide of the Roma to help combat antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination.

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Holocaust, genocide and crimes against humanity

We use comparative scholarship, education, and commemoration to build a world without genocide.

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Remembrance of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma

We help governments, organizations, and communities remember victims and survivors in an appropriate way.

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Sites of the Holocaust and the Genocide of the Roma

We work with memorials and museums and help safeguard the places where the Holocaust happened.

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