The IHRA identifies the practical needs of policymakers, scholars, educators and museum professionals working in the Holocaust remembrance sector, and it produces materials to support the work of these stakeholders. Resources such as IHRA academic publications, educational guidelines and reports are written by experts for the benefit of non-experts, helping to ensure that the IHRA’s expertise can serve a highly practical function throughout IHRA’s member countries and beyond.


The IHRA's academic research projects work to contribute to the field of Holocaust Studies and other related fields. Our findings are disseminated through our publications, which are available to download free of charge.


Working Definitions

Drafted by IHRA experts and approved by IHRA Member Countries, our working definitions serve as an essential mutual starting point that helps to address issues related to the legacy of the Holocaust at the national level.


Educational Resources

The IHRA's pedagogical experts in Holocaust education have developed detailed resources to help guide teachers and leaders of organizations in their efforts to teach and learn about the Holocaust.



The IHRA supports many projects and conferences in the fields of Holocaust education, research and remembrance. The resulting reports can help policy-makers, educators, civil society, and researchers in their effort to learn from the Holocaust.


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The IHRA's directory includes 800+ organizations from 44 countries that work primarily in the fields of Holocaust education, research, and/or remembrance, or play a role in supporting such efforts.


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The IHRA supports projects that aim to safeguard the historical record of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma, and counter distortion. Learn more about our current and previous grant winners here.


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Our press room includes IHRA press releases, IHRA Chair statements and speeches, news articles, as well as important information on the unique history, structure, and approach of the IHRA.


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